Keep Your Kids Entertained During Summer Vacations with Free Educational Android Apps

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Worried about how to keep entertained your kids during summer vacations? Apps & games are the best options. Here is the list of free educational android apps which will help your kids to enhance their knowledge with fun. Get them now at

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Toddler App Review – The ABC Song By Tabtale

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I have been searching for educational apps that I can use with my son to help him learn the alphabet and numbers. I’ve downloaded so many recently and have been really disappointed in most of them, but today is a different story!

I first downloaded the free version of the app to ensure my 18 month old son would enjoy it. By doing that you are able to see what sort of games and songs they have and can see how your child responds to the app before jumping in with the whopping $2.99 price tag. That may not seem like much, but when you are downloading at least 5/day, that can add up quickly.

The app is called The ABC Song by the company Tabtale.



There are a lot of different activities in the app which help keep your little one interested. My son particularly enjoyed matching…

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TocaBoca Mobile Games are Awesome!

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We download quite a lot of kids apps for our iPads and the ones that continually impress me and keep the attention of both my kids are the TocaBoca games, I honestly don’t think there’s one that hasn’t been a success!

Where they succeed is not by trying to be games, but by trying to be like toys that just happen to be on an iPad (or whatever device it is you’re using it on) and they don’t try to be faux educational games either. They are just interactive fun that allow kids to be kids, play, explore and be creative.

The visuals are bright, colourful and as stylish as they are fun. The characters they present are refreshingly non-sterotypical and have a pleasing range of girls, boys and creatures of varying ethnicities and sizes.

There are some apps that may be more aimed at slightly younger kids and some like…

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How My Bad 4-Year-Old and I Found Our Way Home

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There’s simplicity parenting, attachment parenting, parenting by temperament. Authoritative parenting, French parenting, parenting the spirited child.
And one I think we’re all familiar with: parenting by the seat of our pants.

Image by Shena Tschofen

That, whether I like it or not, is where I parent from most of the time. And let me tell you, the seat of my pants is battered and worn. As I have mentioned before, parenting Jo since I got pregnant with Cal has been no cake walk. We’re talking hitting, kicking and throwing things at me when I was pregnant, having big physical outbursts with other kids and trying to contain his massive physical energy in a small house with a newborn.

I sought advice everywhere I could—books, friends, my mom. I dissolved into tears while asking Jo’s teacher what I should do after his first morning of preschool, all while bouncing…

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Game Day in Images: Brazil vs. Germany

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With Neymar out injured, just about everyone in Brazil knew it would be tough against Germany. Nobody ever expected this. The Germans tore apart Brazil’s porous defense time and time again Tuesday, routing the hosts 7-1 in the World Cup semifinals, the largest margin of defeat at this stage in the history of the tournament. The astounding scoreline is sure to overshadow Miroslav Klose’s record-setting 16th career World Cup goal. The strike pushed Klose past Brazil great Ronaldo, who was at the Mineirao Stadium on Tuesday as the Germans advanced to their eighth World Cup final. Germany will face either Argentina or the Netherlands on Sunday at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro with a chance to win for the fourth time.

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Lead Image Caption: A Brazil soccer fan cries as he watches his team during a live…

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Guess the Animal



Get it on Google Play

Guess the Animals

Do you love animals? Can you guess the animal based on the picture shown? How many of animals are you able to recognize?

Take this quiz to find out if you’re really King of the Jungle or missing a link!

Playing is pretty simple: The user steps through a series of questions, clicking a button to proceed to the next question. A group of 10 pictures, you see a picture and you’re shown three possible options, the user have to guess and choose an animal name for each question, the app reports whether each answer is correct or not.


Game Features:

★ Simple and familiar gameplay you know and love

★ Improved the classic quiz game with a whole new look and feel

★ Unlimited Fun: 100 of pictures to guess and more to come

Enjoy for Free and Have Fun!

Notes: The images for the various animals all came from the wonderful Wikimedia Commons. See bottom of the picture for detailed copyright information.




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I’m only on the learning curve

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Mike's learning curve I’ve been a pastor for 20 years now, and I’m still on the learning curve. But instead of getting frustrated (that I’m never able to fully get everything I need to know), I’ve realized that all pastors should always be on God’s learning curve.

IMG_5255In fact, the “experts” in whatever field are  on their way out. The moment they “know it all” is the moment they stop learning. It’s the moment they stop keeping up with change. Some upstart is going to overtake them and become a new expert.

Many leaders have become dead weight. Their “expertise” keeps them from moving forward. They’re about be passed up by people looking to the future.

Consider Kodak, the erstwhile unchallenged leader of cameras and film worldwide. Today, the bastion of Rochester, NY’s, economy is a hollow shell. Kodak’s leadership is turning it into  a poster printing company. Their once-unquestioned dominance is now…

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When children sing children learn!

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HappinessChildren are born music lovers. They enjoy singing and being sung to. Singing is a great way for children to learn words and sentence structure. When we sing both our left and right side of the brain is connected – a song never leaves our long term memory!

We have a huge selection of songs that are loved by parents, teachers and of course children! In fact our YouTube channel childrenlovetosing is New Zealand’s overall number 1 channel and in the world we are ranked number 30 under the Education genre according to Social Blade who rank and measure YouTube channels.

Our popular songs are sung by children for children and the songs are written or compiled by educators. All our MP3 songs come with free lyrics and suggested song actions making our songs all about total participation.

Our new look website has just gone live – please let…

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