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kids learn telling the time

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Kids Learn Time is one of the series of fun4learning programs. Educational games for kids are all we do, our mission is: “Fun for learning, learning for fun!”




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Kids Learn Antonyms

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An antonym is the opposite of a word. It is often used to show the difference between two things. Our cute cat is going fishing. Let’s help him get more fish in the shortest time.

★★★★★ Features ★★★★★

Educational games with the fun, best for kids

✔ Fun ways to motivate your kids learning English antonyms

✔ Clear pronunciation in gentle human voice with beautiful graphics

✔ Interactive practice by an interesting game

✔ Optimized for both phones and tablets

✔ Parents love to see their kids being both educated and happy

★★★★★ How to use ★★★★★

✔ Touch the menu to select the a pair of antonyms

✔ Touch the picture to hear pronunciation of the antonym and example sentence

✔ Choose the correct pair of antonyms and help Qcat get more fish





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