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Painting: A creative platform for nursery kids in Dubai

The Kensington Nursery in Dubai

If you thought painting your heart out is no mean feat, then you are absolutely wrong. This is because painting is just a form of expression like words and language. Ever witnessed the glint in your child’s eyes as he or she spots the different colors be it in balloons, toys or anything else? And painting is nothing but playing around with colors. In the process kids develop a lot of creativity. Read on to know how:

  1. They learn colors of different kinds – The first zigzag painting of your kid is just like a masterpiece for your child and you. As seen in many nurseries in Dubai, children are just said to scribble their heart out and slowly yet steadily it becomes a great piece of art. That’s because the child is slowly developing problem solving skills,and a roughly made stroke slowly develops into a straight line. Slowly they…

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A Fun Method For Learning Chinese Characters

Language Boat

la foto (2)There are several approaches to learning to read Chinese characters. One popular method is flashcards.

For a change, try using magazines to read Chinese characters. And by “reading” I mean identifying characters.

There are several great things about using magazines for language learning.

  • Magazines, unlike books, are more “disposable” and can be written all over without the guilt that comes with defacing a book.
  • Magazines are also much cheaper than books.
  • They feature short articles accompanied by photos and illustrations.
  • Images along with text provide a powerful learning tool for beginner readers. Children’s book use this technique to help children learn to read, too!

Try using the following approach with magazine articles.

  • First, highlight the characters you know. Color-code them based on their tones. You cannot know the tone of a character just by looking at it. You have to memorize them. So by color-coding the characters based on tone…

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You Learn What You Do…

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The message today from my “God Wants You To Know” Facebook App is very enlightening that I would like to share with all lovely souls out there:


If you worry a lot…

Sad Man Sitting Stock Photo

Then day after day you are learning how to worry even better.

Closeup Shot Of A Stressed Out Lady Stock Photo

If you think about doing something a lot…

Red Ants Entertainment And Work Illustration Stock Photo

Then you are learning how to think about doing

Head With Idea Concept Stock Photo

Every moment you are happy…

Silhouette Stock Photo

 You are learning how to be even happier.

Portrait Of Happy Old Female Stock Photo

Every time you act…

Do It Tablet Character Means Act Or Take Action Now Stock Photo

You are learning how to take an action even better.

Action Plan Stock Photo


Same Doors. Businessman Thinking Stock Photo


I’ve learned that people will forget what you said

People will forget what you did

But people will never forget how you made them feel.

~ Maya Angelou 

And I totally agree with Maya Angelou!

Care to share with…

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We Love Super Simple Songs!

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… … #toddler #preschool #earlylearning #literacy

Owl Wonder

Here is a compilation of preschool songs from Super Simple Songs. We enjoy watching every single one which is fun for children and adults. These nursery rhymes are entertaining and visually appropriate. It is difficult to find quality videos like these and that is why we are their biggest fans! We love them and hope you do, too!

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