A Fun Method For Learning Chinese Characters

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la foto (2)There are several approaches to learning to read Chinese characters. One popular method is flashcards.

For a change, try using magazines to read Chinese characters. And by “reading” I mean identifying characters.

There are several great things about using magazines for language learning.

  • Magazines, unlike books, are more “disposable” and can be written all over without the guilt that comes with defacing a book.
  • Magazines are also much cheaper than books.
  • They feature short articles accompanied by photos and illustrations.
  • Images along with text provide a powerful learning tool for beginner readers. Children’s book use this technique to help children learn to read, too!

Try using the following approach with magazine articles.

  • First, highlight the characters you know. Color-code them based on their tones. You cannot know the tone of a character just by looking at it. You have to memorize them. So by color-coding the characters based on tone…

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