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[New App] Baby English Flash Cards

Do you teach English to very young learners? Do you want to help your very young children learn English? Flash cards are perfect for early education and it is the most common method when it comes to teaching baby. Baby English Flash Cards building a strong first words vocabulary for preschoolers and toddlers! Learning by playing for your baby. So far categories include: Animals, Body, Clothing, Colors, Food, Housing, Numbers, People Game Features: ★ Building baby vocabulary by play and touch (quiz) it ★ 8 Categories – All in 1 App! ★ High quality colorful images with clear human voice ★ Each category has play mode and quiz mode ★ Great memory building exercise by quiz ★ Over 130 words (will upgrade and build more contents) Apps on Google Play YouTube Demo

800(1) 800(2) 800(3) 800(4) 800(5) 800(6)

Guess the Animal



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Guess the Animals

Do you love animals? Can you guess the animal based on the picture shown? How many of animals are you able to recognize?

Take this quiz to find out if you’re really King of the Jungle or missing a link!

Playing is pretty simple: The user steps through a series of questions, clicking a button to proceed to the next question. A group of 10 pictures, you see a picture and you’re shown three possible options, the user have to guess and choose an animal name for each question, the app reports whether each answer is correct or not.


Game Features:

★ Simple and familiar gameplay you know and love

★ Improved the classic quiz game with a whole new look and feel

★ Unlimited Fun: 100 of pictures to guess and more to come

Enjoy for Free and Have Fun!

Notes: The images for the various animals all came from the wonderful Wikimedia Commons. See bottom of the picture for detailed copyright information.




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Kids/Toddler Educational Apps Collection

Animated Nursery Rhymes Free

English Nursery Rhyme Free
English Nursery Rhyme Free

 English Nursery Rhymes Free

Android app on Google Play


English Nursery Rhymes

Android app on Google Play

Kids Grammar Prepositions 1

Android app on Google Play

Kids Grammar Prepositions 2

Android app on Google Play

Kids Grammar Punctuation

Android app on Google Play

Kids Learning Time

Android app on Google Play

Kids Learning Word Game

Android app on Google Play

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You Learn What You Do…

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The message today from my “God Wants You To Know” Facebook App is very enlightening that I would like to share with all lovely souls out there:


If you worry a lot…

Sad Man Sitting Stock Photo

Then day after day you are learning how to worry even better.

Closeup Shot Of A Stressed Out Lady Stock Photo

If you think about doing something a lot…

Red Ants Entertainment And Work Illustration Stock Photo

Then you are learning how to think about doing

Head With Idea Concept Stock Photo

Every moment you are happy…

Silhouette Stock Photo

 You are learning how to be even happier.

Portrait Of Happy Old Female Stock Photo

Every time you act…

Do It Tablet Character Means Act Or Take Action Now Stock Photo

You are learning how to take an action even better.

Action Plan Stock Photo


Same Doors. Businessman Thinking Stock Photo


I’ve learned that people will forget what you said

People will forget what you did

But people will never forget how you made them feel.

~ Maya Angelou 

And I totally agree with Maya Angelou!

Care to share with…

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We Love Super Simple Songs!

Also check out my apps 28 animated “English Nursery Rhymes
… … #toddler #preschool #earlylearning #literacy

Owl Wonder

Here is a compilation of preschool songs from Super Simple Songs. We enjoy watching every single one which is fun for children and adults. These nursery rhymes are entertaining and visually appropriate. It is difficult to find quality videos like these and that is why we are their biggest fans! We love them and hope you do, too!

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Kids Grammar App Review – Prepositions 1

Posted by Daniel Wall on February 19th, 2013

Kids Grammar App Review – Prepositions 1

The game can certainly help kids achieve the learning goals… especially for children between ages 4 and 7.

Last week we interviewd Jonny Jiang the inspiration and developer of Kids Grammar Prepositions 1
Kids Grammar Prepositions 1 - Android Market

I love otter

Free English Nursery Rhymes

English Nursery Rhymes Free is one of the series of fun4learning programs. Our mission is: “Fun for learning, learning for fun!”

Learning a language should be fun – no matter how old you are, but of course teaching languages to children is very different from teaching adults. Sing along songs is the best way to learn literacy for the toddlers.

English nursery rhymes
English nursery rhymes


English Nursery Rhyme Free

Android app on Google Play

English Nursery Rhyme (Full)

Android app on Google Play (large)


Free English Nursery Rhymes
Free English Nursery Rhymes
Free English Nursery Rhymes
Free English Nursery Rhymes


English Nursery Rhymes Free include the three most famous nursery rhymes: Alphabet Song, A Quiet Night and Jingle Bells with karaoke subtitles. You may purchase our full version of English Nursery Rhymes ( with 24 animated nursery rhymes as the following. For the full version we plan to upgrade more nursery rhymes in future for free.

1.       A Quiet Night
2.       Alphabet Song
3.       Are You Sleeping
4.       Baa Baa Black Sheep
5.       cradle song
6.       Good Morning
7.       How Are You
8.       How’s the Weather
9.       Jingle Bells.bfh
10.     Learn And Chant
11.     Let’s Learn English
12.     London Bridge is Falling Down
13.     Oh, Susanna
14.     Pat-A-Cake
15.     Rock a bye, Baby
16.     Seven Days in a Week
17.     She’ll be coming ’round the mountain
18.     Sing And Rhyme
19.     Ten Little Indians
20.     The Ants Go Marching
21.     The Bear Went Over the Mountain
22.     Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
23.     We Wish You a Merry Christmas
24.     What’s Your Name

★★★★★ Features ★★★★★

✔ Clear lyrics and accompanying music

✔ Each song features a high quality with exciting graphics

✔ Easy-to-understand interface

✔ Fun ways to motivate your kids learning English

✔ Optimized for both phones and tablets

✔ Parents love to see their kids being both educated and happy

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